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Welcome to our current selection of reference books. We have selected titles on the history of journalism in its myriad aspects, as well as solid historical works which will help you learn about the periods and personalities you will encounter in the old papers. There are also books on related topics about printers and printing in the past. The first section contains new books in mint, unused condition. For the most part they are offered here at considerable discounts from their original list prices, have been recently been remaindered.

The second section contains older reference books. Most are long out of print, and are significant collector's items in their own right.

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Part I, New Books

Books in this section are in new, unused condition. Publishers' closeouts, they are here priced substantially below their original retail prices. Experience shows that quality reference books can themselves grow in value, as they become unobtainable from book trade retailers.

RF-000. Rice, The Los Angeles Star, 1851 - 1864. Greenwood, 1970. The definitive history of the first major newspaper in southern California in its formative period, with discussion of the newly-American city, its peoples and problems. 315pp 8vo hardcover in new condition. . . . . 12.95

RF-001. [Civil War Journalism]. Andres, The North Reports the Civil War and The South Reports the Civil War. U. Pittsburgh, 1985. The best work written to date on American newspapers during the great conflict, rich with information on how the news was gathered by the dashing corespondents of the time, and reported to the public, together with extensive quotes from the war's most significant editorials and news reports. Two volume set, softcover, 813pp and 611pp 8vo, published at 39.95. . . . . 32.50

RF-002. [Political Cartoons]. Brasch, ed., Zim, published A.U.P., 1988. An updated version of the autobiography of Eugene Zimmerman, the great cartoonist whose work appeared in Puck, Judge, and other great political satirical papers of the 1890s and onwards. This edition has many illustrations including a good section of color plates showcasing his work in these magazines. Wonderful reference for the collector and student of American art and journalism. 137 pages, sm folio size; new condition, in dust jacket, list price 29.95, here offered at . . 10.00
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RF-003. [19th C Journalism]. Frasca, The Rise and Fall of the Saturday Globe, 1992. Detailed history of the great Utica newspaper so popular among collectors today for its lively reporting and handsome illustration. It was the first newspaper to use regional editions to achieve nationwide circulation, to make extensive use of color graphics and it introduced other improvements to the journalist's craft. New condition, hardcover in dj, published at 39.95. 196pp 8vo; S.U. Press . . .8.95
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RF-004. [African American Journalism]. Houzeau, My Passage at the New-Orleans Tribune. L.S.U Press, 1984. This memoir of the editor of the first African American daily newspaper paints a vivid picture of the extremely difficult struggle for civil rights in Louisiana, a particular bastion of white supremacy, in the painful years of destitution and hatred following the Civil War. 168pp 8vo hardcover book in new condition, originally published at 25 . . . 14.95
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RF-005. [Early American Journalism]. Paltsits, A Bibliography of Philip Freneau...with an Account of His Newspapers. Burt Franklin, 1968. Facsimiles of the original title pages of the important works of this "poet of the Revolution" abound in this excellent reference, which also chronicles his newspaper career, most notable as editor of the Jeffersonian organ The National Gazette, plus later histories and biographies. 96pp 8vo. . . . 8.95
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RF-007. [Printing History]. Benton, John Baskerville. Burt Franklin, 1968. Fine work on the highly influential 18th century type-founder and printer. His works include printings of many era notables, several important Bibles, and most of the official documents of the Crown. Several illustrations. 78pp 8vo. . . . .9.95
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RF-008. [Reference Book]. Flink, SENTINEL UNDER SIEGE. The Triumphs and Troubles of America's Free Press, 1997. [325 pages, 8vo hardcover size, Boulder Colo., by the WestView Press]
Fine study of the newspaper press from the earliest days to the present, in light of its struggles with restrictions on content, whether from official or informal sources. Emphasis is placed on the process of greater responsibility among journalists, to present the citizens of a democracy the information the must have to make informed choices at the polls. The book concludes with the newest and perhaps deadliest censorship the U.S. media has yet encountered - conflict of interest- as more and more independent media outlets are swallow by multinational conglomerates, with a chilling effect on their ability to report misdeeds by their parent entities.. Provocative and important work helps give the present dilemma context
New book in dustjacket, published at $28.00 . . . 9.00
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RF-009. [Reference Book]. Var. Eds., LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Two Hundred Years in the Life of an American Town, 1998. [271 pages, quarto softcover size, NY by Touchstone Books]
This unusual book uses letters written to the editors of the newspapers published in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, from 1790 to the present. Remarkable concept that works: in reading letters about the new federal government, the wars, the changes in the nation and the world, a portrait emerges of a town that grew as America grew.
New book, published at $14.00 . . . 6.50
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RF-010. [Reference Book]. Harry Maihafaer, THE GENERAL AND THE JOURNALISTS: Ulysses S. Grant, Horace Greeley, and Charles Dana, 1998. [315 pages, octavo softcover size, Washington, by Batford Bratsey's]
This excellent study discusses the careers and interactions of three of the most influential men of their times, General and later President Ulysses Grant, the eccentric Horace Greeley, editor and founder of the great New York Tribune, and Charles Dana, editor of the powerful New York Sun. Well researched, the volume presents detailed biographies of these men and how Grant was presented by them to the American public, from his earliest appearance as the hero of the Fort Donelson victory, through his bloody wartime campaigns, and the amazing "hand off" treatment he was accorded during his tenure as Chief Executive. Great reading for the history buff, carefully presenting an not often told tale of politics, power, and the media. I am impressed by the depth of research - I discovered that Grant's best man at his wedding to Julia Dent was Pete Longstreet, later Lee's right-hand man.
new condition. Published at $19.95 . . . 9.50
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RF-011. [Reference Book]. Brayton Harris, BLUE & GRAY IN BLACK & WHITE: Newspapers in the Civil War, 2000. [365 pages, large 8vo softcover size, Washington, by Batford Bratsey's]
A great one-volume history of newspapering during the Civil War, packed with information about the publishers and reporters, northern and southern with lengthy extracts from the greatest of the war reporting. Topics such as censorship, racial attitudes, the military's role in news, and more are well analyzed here. If you get only one book of Civil War journailsm, this is the one.
New condition. Published at $19.95 . . . 10.00
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A Fine Account of New York's Popular Press
RF-0012. [BOOK] John D. Stevens, Sensationalism and the New York Press, 1991. [210 pages, octavo size, published at New York by Columbia University Press] An excellent study on the rise of newspaper readership among the common man, beginning with a detailed account of the rise of the Penny Press in the 1830's, James Gordon Bennett's great New York Herald, and continuing with a fine study of the "yellow journalism" of the 1890's. The book concludes with a good section on the rise of the illustrated tabloid press in the 1920's. An indispensable reference for the serious collector or historian, written in a lively style. Hardcover book in dustjacket, published at $20.00. New book in mint condition . . . 10.00

The Classic Account of Civil War Newsgathering
RF-0013. [BOOK] James A. Perry, A Bohemian Brigade, 2000. [Complete issue of 302 pages, octavo size, published at New York by John Wiley & Sons. Inc.] This modern classic of journalism history is by far the best book yet written on the newspaper reporters of the Civil War. on both Northern and Southern sides, this colorful breed of newsmen was rowdy, rough, courageous, undisciplined adventurers through whose eyes the American public saw the great War for the Union. Very well written and highly detailed on the men, their newspapers, their times, etc. Highly recommended. Softcover book originally published at $16.95 new book in mint condition . . . 10.00

Two Hundred Years of American Newspaper History
RF-0014. [BOOK] The Post's New York, 2001. [260 pages, quarto size, published at New York by HarperResource] This excellent book celebrates two hundred years of New York history as reported in the New York Post daily newspaper. Starting with the first issue of 1801 and continuing through 2001, this book is filled with original articles, illustrations, and news of Gotham, with emphasis of course on the history of the Post through the changing years. Complied by the Post's editorial team, a fine and highly readable account of this classic American newspaper and the city it served so long. Softcover book, originally published at $18.00. New book in mint condition . . . 9.00

Newspapers and Political Realities
RF-0016. [BOOK] Paul Starr, THE CREATION OF THE MEDIA: Political Origins of Modern Communications, 2004. [484 pages, hardcover 8vo size, published at New York by Basic Books] The Pulitzer Prize-winning author here has produced a splendid study of American newspaper history, from the earliest times to the present, and how political considerations have shaped journalism, and in how newspapers turn have been shaped by the realities of compromise politics. The rise of a mass media here documented is a uniquely American phenomenon, beginning with the explosion of newspapers after the War of Independence and continuing in today's era of instantaneous mass communication. A valuable addition to any newspaper collector's library, and a new insight into American politics as well. Published at $27.50. New book in dustjacket . . . 10.00

Fine Illustrated History of American Books
RF-0018. [REFERENCE BOOK] THE BOOK IN AMERICA: With Images from the Library of Congress. By Richard W. Clement, 1996. [150 pages, quarto hardcover size, published at Golden. Colo., by Fulcrum Publishing]
Fine large format illustrated book explores American culture and history through the Library of Congress's magnificent collections. Includes rare images such as the Bay Psalm Book, Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, and others. ISBN 1555912346. Published at $39.95
New in dustjacket . . . 16.95

A Century of the New York Times
RF-0019. [REFERENCE BOOK] THE TRUST: The Private and Powerful Family Behind The New York Times. By S.E. Tifft & A.S. Jones, 1999. [870 pages, octavo hardcover size, published at New York, by Little, Brown, & Co.]
Very detailed portrait of the intensely private family which has owned the prestigious newspaper for more than 100 years, from the visions of Adolph Ochs to Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. Photos. ISBN 0316845469 Published at $29.95
New in dustjacket . . . 6.95

A Fine History of 18th Century Journalism
RF-0025. [Reference Book]. Eric Burns, INFAMOUS SCRIBBLERS: The Founding Fathers and the Rowdy Beginnings of American Journalism, 2006. [467 pages, 8vo hardcover size, published at New York, by Public Affairs.]
An excellent introduction to the first century of American newspapers, from the first failed attempt at journalism in 1690 to the vibrant political press of George Washington's administration, written by the host of "Fox News Watch". All the major newsmen are well represented here, along with their successes and failures, honorable and dishonorable actions alike, and how profoundly the fourth estate would affect politics and liberty. Recommended one volume history of this most exciting formative period of our national heritage. ISBN 158648334X Published at $27.50.
Condition is new in dustjacket . . . 17.50

The True Origins of World War Two
RF-027. [REFERENCE BOOK]. Baker, Nicholson, Human Smoke , 2008. [566 pages, hardcover 8vo size, published at New York, Simon & Schuster]
This remarkable work, by the noted author and historic newspaper preservationist, presents in thousands of speeches, diaries, memos, public proclamations and contemporary newspaper articles, powerful first-hand documentation of the astounding diplomatic blunders, behind-the-scenes intrigues, miscalculations and lost opportunities for peace that led to the Second World War. The result? Seventy million dead, the destruction of Europe, the collapse of the British Empire, the unleashing of the nuclear genie, and the expansion of Stalin's ruthless regime into the west. Covering the turbulent years of 1933 - 1941 in depth, the old documents come to vivid life telling the story of power politics that shaped the modern world. Especially troubling is how the United States was drawn into the conflict despite the desire of the overwhelming majority of the people to follow the Founding Fathers' sound advice and never again become entangled in a European war. A remarkable account of painful facts that were set aside in the postwar reimagining of humanity's bloodiest conflict into "The Good War." A meticulously researched yet surprisingly controversial work of historical scholarship that deserves a place on every history buff's bookshelf.
New book in dustjacket, published at $30.00 . . . 11.95

Part II, Used and Rare Books

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