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Here is an index to the newest additions to our online catalogs. As we acquire new material, the most interesting and significant items are set aside to be catalogued to present to our customers. Below are some of what we consider the most notable new highlights from recent purchases. More catalog listings will be posted in the coming weeks, so please stop back often.

You can access the catalog pages by selecting on the links which appear below. Active links appear in blue, while additions in planning or under construction are seen in plain brown text. You can select "GO", "BACK" in your browser to return to this page from the links you select.

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Early Bibles. Our Early Printed Leaf Catalog has been updated with a fine selection of early Bible leaves. "Leaves" are pages from the earliestbooks. The collecting of leaves is an enjoyable, inexpensive, and increasingly popular histoical hobby. And they are perfect for framed display in your home or office. Among the highlights we offer are a fine Incunabula Latin Bible printed in 1499, a German Bible of 1594, the great English "Bishop's Bible" of 1572, and the superb 1613 King James Folio. There are also a number of Black Letter editions of the Geneva English translations, dating between 1585 and 1634, and the prize of the group, leaves from the superb 1541 Great Bible, the third English translation of the great book. Select the following links (underlined and in blue) to view scans of typical leaves from the 1541 Henry VIII Bible, the 1583 Geneva Bible, the 1613 King James Folio. When done viewing these images, select GO BACK to return to this page.
Gleason's Pictorial, and Drawing-Room Companion. This Boston newspaper was the first successful American illustrated weekly, the ancester of Time and Newsweek and all the rest. We offer a nice selection of dates from 1851 to 1858, filled with woodcut illustrations of an America in transition in this final decade before the Civil War changed everything. Subjects depicted in high quality wood engravings include Gold Rush California, the newly "opened" and exotic nation, Japan, visits to the west and south, and much more.
America's Largest Tax Stamps. A small hoard of these little known large sized Revenue stamps of the 1870's and 1880's, ornately engraved by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Select here for a full color scan of a typical example.
Nazi Periodicals. A very uncommon offering of original Nazi papers from Germany, printed before and during the war. First hand depiction of that political and social philosophy in some of the most sophisticated propaganda organs ever produced. Coming soon, a rare archive of wartime NSDAP newspapers from the occupied nations.
Vellum Indentures.Our current listing of lovely handwritten collectible documents handwritten on large sheepskins, dating from the early 1600's and into the reigns of King George III and Queen Victoria. These old manuscripts feature red wax seals, tax stamps and lovely legal calligraphy and are very popular for framed display.
The War of 1812. Good contemporary reporting of the events of America's long-ago stalemate in that forgotten conflict with England. For the present we offer a nice selection of "atmosphere" issues (much scarcer than Civil War newspapers!). We plan a catalog listing of individual issues chronicling such historic events as the invasion of Canada, "Old Ironsides'" victories at sea, the attack on Baltimore and the burning of Washington D.C.
Civil War Newspapers. An updated and much expanded listing of daily newspapers, heavy in the best New York titles, plus many lesser-known titles, covering most of the key events of 1861 - 1865.

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