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Modern World Journalism

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From National Socialist Germany
VOLKISCHER BEOBACHTER [Munich, Germany]. 8 - 12 pp folio. The official National Socialist "kampfblatt", or "newspaper of the struggle." Goebbel's enormously sophisticated daily newspaper is filled with the philosophy of National Socialism and its applications throughout the Reich and the world. A study in the official creation of "reality", this newspaper's stunning effectiveness in shaping public opinion has, alas, become the role model for many later imitators. Rather than simply report false news, the editors also slanted the articles so that the day's events appeared to support the party line. This paper was a pioneer in creating the seamless illusion that whatever the powers that control the government say is true must be the truth and in turning history into self-serving fictions.
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M7-0279b. Ten Issues, dated 1936 - 1942. A fine collection of pre-war and wartime issues. Generally very good to very fine condition, much historic reading. Trifling margin wear. $5 additional postage required. Just . . . 95.00
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M7-0304. DEUTSCHE ZEITUNG IN DEN NEDERLAND, 1940 to 1941. [Amsterdam, 8pp folio]. Fine occupation newspaper from the Dutch capital, now under Nazi control. The heroic resistance to Nazi racism and brutality by the Dutch churches and labor unions is, of course, not reported in this totally censored propaganda organ. Full war news, many illustrations. Unusually choice condition. Extra postage 95 cents . . . 12.50
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