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These are the finest quality original antique newspapers and magazines, that you might find elsewhere priced at much greater cost. It has always been my policy to present my catalog items at "wholesale to the public" prices. Therefore all catalog items and quoted prices are net, and are not subject to further discount, either for dealers or in consideration of quantity orders. It is our policy to price our items based on what we believe to be their fair market value. I do not set prices at absurdly inflated levels to take advantage of novices or "investors"; nor do employ the common ploy of starting with an unrealistically high price in order to "negotiate" a phony discount later. As over a third of our catalog orders are from dealers buying for resale, at our stated prices, we have every confidence that this policy maintains an ethical standard of integrity and fairness to all.

Newspapers are full folio size unless described as quarto (abbreviated 4to) or octavo (8vo), which are respectively smaller in format. Most newspapers have been removed from bound volumes and may exhibit characteristic minor spine weakness or separation without significant paper loss. Illustrations are provided of a number of items (more will be added), depicting as much of them as can be shown with my 8 1/2" x 11" scanner. To access the pictures, click on the highlighted link that follows the catalog listing. When done viewing, select the "Back" button in your browser to return to this page.

Each catalog entry is briefly described for its general appearance, historical significance, and content. Every one contains hours of additional historic reading and insights into the world preserved on its pages, much more than I could find the space to describe here.

I pride myself on the quality and accuracy of my catalog descriptions, and strive to provide all the information needed to enable you to make an informed selection. Please consult my collector information pages and glossary of terms page linked below, if you are not sure what the descriptions mean. Your comments are always welcome, as are your inquiries, if you have questions about these historic collectibles. We value our customers, and appreciate the confidence you place in us when ordering from our on line catalogs. We strive to merit your patronage and to enrich your collecting experience through accurate, knowledgeable descriptions, honest pricing, courteous service, and timely order filling. Enjoy your browsing!

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Spend Ten Months in the France of 185 Years Ago
M5-002. [BOUND VOLUME] LE MONITEUR UNIVERSEL, March through December, 1823. [305 issues, 1,274 pages, each issue 4 to 6 pages, folio, 11" x 17½" per page size, published at Paris, France, by Agasse]
305 ISSUES of this important daily newspaper, printed seven days a week, Sundays included. Here are printed all the doings and "Ordonnonces" of the restored Bourbon Monarch, the hapless Louis XVIII, brother of the unfortunate Louis XVI who was executed during the French Revolution. His official notices are often decorated with an engraving of a crown. Also here is all the news from all over the world, all in detail, plus Parisian and French happenings in this most interesting and remarkable era. A round red Six Centime tax stamp, displaying a figure in Classical military attire, leaning on the Bourbon shield, is struck on the front page of each issue, and on the Supplementary sheets where they appear. Founded in Paris on November 24, 1789 under the title Gazette Nationale ou Le Moniteur Universal, it was the main French newspaper and the official journal of the French government. After being seized by the new government in 1830, it continued publishing until 1868. Quite a unique opportunity to acquire a significant run of this French "newspaper of record" very inexpensively. Extra domestic postage for this large and heavy volume is 8.65.
Condition of this issue is contents are in the main choice very fine; first issue is defective, slight corner wear in the lower margin of the first half dozen numbers, affecting no text. Foxing on last page of last issue. Half leather, front board lacking, rear board detached and worn. . . . 300.00

Nice Run of a 183 Year Old French Daily
M5-004. [BOUND VOLUME] JOURNAL DES DÉBATS, POLITIQUES ET LITTÉRAIRES, May 1-14, June 1 through July 29, 1825. [76 omplete original issues, each 4 pages, quarto size, published at Paris, France, by Le Normant]
76 ISSUES. (May 15-30 not originally bound in). Created shortly after the first meeting of the Estates-General of 1789, the Journal was a force in French journalism for over 150 years, until it finally ceased publication in 1944. A conservative spokesman at this period, it was the most read newspaper of the Restoration. In these issues is extensive coverage of the affairs of France, the workings of the Assembly, Decrees of the King, and the like, together with news and opinion from across the nation and the globe. We also find prices current and listings of what's playing the glittering capital's many theaters, and stories and anecdotes of every kind.
Condition of the issues is generally fine; removed from a larger volume, lacking boards. Waterstain affects the first 14 issues, diminishing in intensity as the volume progresses. Very occasional light foxing, overall a nice run. Extra domestic postage 2.25. . . 95.00

M5-024. [BROADSIDE] IL CANCELLIERE DEL CENSO . . . AVVISO , August 8, 1807. [Complete issue of singlesheet, 2 pages, folio, 11 x 17½" size, published at Faenza, Italy, by Louis Genestri]
This splendid document announces the newest regulations from the Office of the Census and how lawbreakers shall be reported to the office, under the law of the French occupiers. Deeply embossed printing on heavy handmade laid paper, a rare survivor form those turbulent times, when Napoleon had declared himself King of most of northern Italy.
Condition of this issue is very fine, light waterstain, slight wear at the wide top margin . . . 144.00

Great Coverage of the First French World's Fair
M5-205. [SEVEN ISSUES] L'ILLUSTRATION, JOURNAL UNIVERSEL , dated in 1855. [Each, a complete issue of 16 pages, large quarto size, published at Paris, France, by Didion Frères]
Like the American HARPER'S WEEKLY, this top quality weekly is packed with fine woodcuts of the passing scene. I have selected this group for the splendid coverage of the Paris Expo of 1855, France's first World's Fair, patterned after the highly successful English Crystal Palace Expo of 1851. There are 14 fullpage wood engravings and one double page centerfold print depicting the exhibits, the floor plans, ceremonies, buildings, exhibits, and more, all you could wish to know about this spectacular celebration of technological progress. Also in these issues, good content on the Crimean War, in which France threw in with her long-time adversary England to attack Russia. Great lot. Extra postage 2.40 .
Condition is is choice very fine . . . 36.00

Upholding Tradition in the Enlightenment
M5-0300. [PAMPHLET] Ordonnance et Instruction Pastorale, 1762. [Complete issue of 24 pages, crown 8vo size, published at Soissons, France, by P. Courtois]
This Pastoral Letter of the Bishop of Soissons upholds traditional Church teachings and the role of the Jesuits, as the new "Age of Enlightenment" shakes the traditional system of unquestioning faith to its core. "L'irreligion et l'incredulite" are bemoaned, along with the decline of "moral values" and the dangerous trend of reasoned inquiry. Plus ca change, oui? .
Condition is bright very fine . . . 45.00

Church and State are One!
M5-0303. [PAMPHLET] Explications sur La Bulle 'Unigenitus', 1720. [Complete issue of 67 + 8 + 4 pages, crown 8vo size, published at Paris, by L'Imprimerie Royale (the King's Printer)]
This pamphlet discusses the recent Papal Bull against Jansenism and how the French clerical establishment proposes to suppress the "heresy" and maintain control over its increasingly political power. The untrammeled power of the clergy in France would be a prime motivator for the coming revolution, which would see that class stripped of its ungodly powers, and many of its members, of their lives. These abuses served as models of what to avoid, in the eyes of America's founders, who would ensure a strong wall between church and state in their own government, sixty years in the future. Attached are a "Declaration du Roy", and the letters patent giving King Louis XV's assent to this activity and the backing of the full force of the government to root out and punish those who dare question orthodoxy. .
Condition is is a nice fine, disbound from a volume with no loss, a few high quality very old paper reinforcements in blanks. . . . 65.00

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